The Inno4scale project supports the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking in achieving the efficient use of its supercomputing resources through the development of novel algorithms for applications on those resources. It does this by funding a set of 22 focused Innovation Studies that realise proof-of-concept demonstrators of fundamentally new and innovative algorithms with a clearly identified potential impact through integration and use in important applications. The study period is planned for 12 months.

You can find more information about the Innovation Studies in the table below:

The Innovtion Studies include highest quality research and development studies leading to proof-of-concept demonstrators exhibiting enhanced performance relevant for important applications executed on exascale systems. Researchers will identify novel concepts for computational solutions of important numerical problems in scientific applications and use cases which rely on exascale supercomputers. The central goal is the conversion of mathematical concepts for algorithms, for example by a fundamentally new decomposition of a numerical problem for the efficient use of hierarchical memory to exploit heterogeneous and massively parallel computing capabilities of upcoming exascale supercomputer architectures, into proof-of-concept implementations to explore and assess potential performance gains for common HPC applications. The studies cover a wider range of application areas (Figure 1) and use a variety of technical approches (Figure 2) for their research.

Application areas for the 22 selected proposals.
Figure 1: Application areas for the 22 selected proposals
Technical approaches for the 22 selected proposals.
Figure 2: Technical approaches for the 22 selected proposals

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